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From the e-mail cited earlier in this thread by HarryPotter:

Near the end of the 2012 season, the White Sox commissioned a comprehensive research project by Rich Luker, the creator of The ESPN Sports Poll, author of “Simple Community,” and the Up Next trend columnist for Sports Business Journal, who helped examine White Sox fan sentiments on a variety of issues, including ticket prices, and other factors affecting the decision to attend White Sox games.
Is anyone with me in thinking this was that lengthy survey many of us received at the end of August, resulting in those two free tickets we got to use during the last home stand? I remember answering many questions about which method I use to get to the ballpark, how long it takes me to get there, if I'd drive to the ballpark if offered free parking with the purchase of four tickets, how many games I attend, what keeps me from attending more, etc. Quite a few of those questions were answered earlier today.

I think this is a great and long-overdue move on the part of the Sox. The 2012 club was a fun team that spent 117 days in first place; there's no reason they shouldn't have drawn two million fans this year. Maybe all of those people dressed as seats this spring and summer finally opened the eyes of the right people in the organization.

Reducing the parking fee may have something to do with the Red Line construction project that's planned for May-November 2013. If casual fans know that they won't be able to get to the ballpark via that train, they'll see that as another reason not come out to the park and won't. Let's be honest - people are lazy and not many of them would be willing to walk to and from the Green Line before and after games. Additionally, they may see that method as "not safe," which leads into the issue of the Sox needing to market the Bridgeport neighborhood and its positives, safety being among them.

Personally, I hope the rumor of $10 parking on Sundays is true because my boyfriend and I would absolutely drive to the ballpark for that price. It costs us a total of $14 for two round-trip train rides and to park at the Cumberland Blue Line stop, so a $10 parking fee would be a definite savings for us.
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