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Originally Posted by Konerko05 View Post
No, it wouldn't have. A big reason Dunn has over 1000 walks in his career is because pitchers are scared he is going to hit the ball 500 feet. If pitchers are not scared to put Dunn on base via base on balls, they will definitely not be scared to put Dunn on base via bunt. Bunting essentially takes away Dunn's main strength as a hitter- putting runs on the board with one swing.

I have absolutely no problem with him driving the ball opposite field. There is no excuse for him not trying this more often. His opposite field swing isn't bad at all, and it does not limit him to a single.
The shift is only exagerated on the infield. The shft only addresses singles. Outfielders shade Dunn to pull, but they don't put on an exaggerated shift. I would guess Dunn reached base on about three-quarters of his line drives, even with the infield clustered on the first base side of second base. If he hits line drives, it doesn't really matter what field he hits them to.

Dunn only lost singles hitting into the shift. Maybe a few doubles, but they would have been doubles he would have had to run out. That is all defenses are defending against when they employ the shift. If Dunn hits ground balls down the third base line, teams would adjust their defenses accordingly.

It is true, though, that if he is trying to hit to hit to the opposite field, he isn't trying to hit a home run. But often when he is trying to hit a home run, he is striking out.
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