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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
I remember reading a letter to the editor of one of the Chicago papers back in the mid-1960s complaining about the price of concessions at a White Sox game. The menu was more limited in those days, but as I recall it was 25 cents for pop and 40 cents for a hot dog. The author of the letter didn't like it, because the going price elsewhere for a cup or bottle of pop was 10 cents and a hot dog was less than 40 cents. The numbers seem comically small now, but in comparision the ballpark prices were way high.

Concessions will always be a big profit center at a ballgame, just like it is at a movie theater. I'm happy the Sox have encouraged tailgating before the game since that usually saves me big money on ballpark food and drinks.

Back on topic, the ticket-price changes are a great move! Now the Sox need to trumpet the fact that they've reduced prices 25-30% while the Other Team has reduced prices 2%, and that after a 101-loss season!
Thanks for your help.Greatly appreciated.!
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