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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

I think you make a valid point concerning older fans. My thinking is that they don't want to have to wonder 'if I go on a Monday for the Royals, the seat I want costs X amount...but if I go Thursday for the Yankees the same seat is going to cost X'

I think they want it clear... box seats X amount, lower grandstand X amount, bleachers X amount...regardless of the day, the time of the game or the opponent.

And to answer Double's question I don't know how to use Stubhub, I've never had the occasion to have to go on-line and search to find a better price for a sporting event (even those that I haven't been working...)

It might be a generational thing but I'm pretty computer savvy for my advanced years but what if you are a working stiff and might be driving a truck for a living and has no computer in his truck and decides to go to a Sox game after work, well now he knows he can drive down to the park and get a decent seat without stopping at HFC for a loan before the game.
PS Have actually used Stubhub twice for a Lightning and Rays game.
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