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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Dunn did walk a lot, but the funny thing is that he walked less as Konerko was less effective behind him in the order. Pitchers seemed to be giving him more to hit when he had less protection behind him.
Nice way to work the stats, funny you didn't mention that he also struck out far less frequently in the 2nd half than 1st, even with Garbage Paul Konerko protecting him. So it's clearly not a case of pitchers just lobbing him meatballs and him swinging through them, as you'd apparently like us all to believe. His BABIP also dropped 36 points from .265 to .229, which could possibly indicate that, at least in part, some of his 2nd half struggles can just be chalked up to bad luck (or, if you want to continue your crazed, anti-Dunn fantacism, overly good luck in the 1st half).

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