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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Lots of bias in this thread, so I'll add my own.

Konerko was abysmal in the second half. He was really bad. ...
And yet, he was better than Dunn. And Konerko was also clearly better in hte first half of hte season than Dunn.

Dunn did walk a lot, but the funny thing is that he walked less as Konerko was less effective behind him in the order. Pitchers seemed to be giving him more to hit when he had less protection behind him.

Fans are putting too big an emphasis on walks and not enough emphais on hitting the ball and making contact. Dunn was the only player in the majors this year to walk more than 100 times, which seems odd enough, but he wasn't even close to the top 10 in on-base percentage. The better teams are doing more actual hitting when they hit.

Dunn strudk out more than he reached base (or rounded the bases) on hits and walks combined. And he had a dismal end to his season. That was the biggest problem in the White Sox lineup this year. Complain about Beckham, complain about Viciedo, complain about Konerko, but the regular who was weakest at driving in runners in scoring position was the hitter who was in the lineup because he is supposed to be a run producer.
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