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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Absolutely, I think many people had very legitimate fears that Sale wouldn't be able to hold up for the entire season, it's stressful for any pitcher let alone a twig like Sale who fell to the Sox in the draft precisely because there were some legitimate concerns if he had the build to hold up as a starter. He really progressed as a pitcher this year who used location and pitch selection to get guys out rather than relying on pure velocity. It's was a very, very encouraging year.

I think going into this year, anyone who would have projected Sale for 29 starts and 192 innings with an ERA under 3 for almost the entire season would have been labeled as a polyanna. He pretty much exceeded every realistic expectation.
He did an outstanding job and perhaps for once I am blinded with optimism but MLB Network super imposed Sale's motion over Randy Johnson's awhile ago and they were almost exactly the same. Sale has the same sort of build as Johnson and Johnson didn't have any arm problems until he was in his late 30's, so hopefully Sale can have the same sort of luck.

Go Sox!!!
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