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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
He's not a rookie (again 711 AB over three seasons) and it's not the base numbers. It's his overall hitting approach and technique. And yes, he's been fairly good at the least important defensive position on the baseball diamond.

Way too many strikeouts and RISP situations given away. Way too many 1-2 and 0-2 counts giving the pitcher a distinct advantage. IMO, his head is well below water at the plate.

There's more to being an effective hitter than hitting an average number of home runs for the position. I know some of you love the long ball and are willing to give him a pass for that, but you don't for Dunn, and Viciedo is the same kind of hitter, without Dunn's plate patience and walks.
Phrasing it that way is very misleading. 543 of his 711 came this year. This was absolutely his first real year in the majors. He was, essentially, a rookie.

He will likely never be a great on base guy, but I certainly have seen enough of him, physically, to believe he will get a lot of extra base hits as he progresses. A .744 OPS isn't fantastic, but it is certainly reasonable for a 23 year old. It is superior to Magglio Ordonez's OPS in his first full season (at 24, mind you) and a little below Carlos Lee's OPS in his first full year.

And sure, LF is "the least important" position on the field, but Viciedo absolutely has the arm for RF, if they wanted to play him there.

Dayan Viciedo is a talented young man with a bright future. I don't know how anybody who has watched him can't see that. His limitations are not physical, therefor, they can be overcome. Whether he will develop further (as he has every year) remains to be seen. But the same could have been said for every player who has ever played the game.
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