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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The reason he was bounced from positions was because he was bad at the previous position. 3rd base was his, considering the Sox had no one to fill that position. 1st base was a stop gap because the Sox didnt know if PK would be signed and it was before they acquired Dunn. RF was before De Aza came into the picture and Quentin was on his way out. This is a guy that is not good at any position but was given all opportunities available because of his contract and his expectations as a hitter. His true position is still DH but that position is not available for a couple years.
Whatever the reason for him being forced from position to position doesn't mean it may or may not have affected his growth at the plate. And let's not pretend like Viciedo is the first kid to ever bounce around defensively in the minors while figuring out how to play; Mark Teixeira was drafted as a SS out of Georgia Tech, spent most of his time in the Rangers' MILB organization as a 3B, before ultimately moving to 1B, where he had blossomed into one of the premier defensive 1B in the league. Add to that, by almost any metric, and take that for what it's worth, Viciedo was consistely ranked as one of the best LF in the American League last year.

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