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Originally Posted by SOXPHILE View Post
I'm never seen a fanbase wear a 100 loss season like a badge of honor like these idiot "fans" have in 2012.

Hooray ! We lost 100 games ! We have the second worst record in baseball, now we can get the #2 draft pick, because we all know that GUARANTEES future championships ! It's just too bad the Astros lost more than us, they get the #1 draft pick ! Boo hoo !
Yes, I don't doubt that Theo and his buddies coooooould turn this thing around, but my only point was that in the short-term, they have turned the Cubs from bad to downright miserable. If this is their plan, does anyone see this team being even mildly competitive in the next 2-3 seasons? I can't fathom how they would be.

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