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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
But if everyone hates division rivals like the Tigers, Twins, etc, why would you root for them ahead of another AL team you're neutral on--say Baltimore, or Seattle?

If I've spent the whole damn season wishing failure on a team, it makes no sense to all of a sudden favor them when they go up against another team I haven't seen play 1248x a season and maybe has an interesting narrative or players who are fun to watch.
I don't hate the division rivals. I want them to lose when it benefits the Sox, but I actually respect what they have done with very little in some cases. The Yankees constant dominance, achieved by having more money than anyone else, is bad for the American League, and bad for baseball. They get all the benefits of a free market (getting to keep their bloated revenue) while having none of the disadvantages (they can and would block another team from moving in to their territory, which could EASILY support another team.) They sign whatever free agents they want, and can keep their own talent from leaving via free agency by outbidding everyone else.

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