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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
When the day comes when JR sells the White Sox I wouldn't be surprised to see the Wirtz family be the buyer. JR has always said he would sell all of his holdings (White Sox, Bulls and United Center) to one buyer. Due to the fact that the Wirtz family owns part of the United Center with JR it would make sense for them to buy out JR. Maybe they might build another baseball stadium for the White Sox somewhere near the United Center.
Hasn't JR's son expressed interest in keeping the Bulls, though? I could have sworn someone posted a piece written on his son that essentially stated he wasn't interested in keeping the family holdings in the Sox but was interested in remaining owner of the Bulls. So who knows?

At any rate, I wouldn't hold my breath for a new baseball stadium by the United Center. If they're going to build a new stadium, I would assume it would be downtown, there's no way you could acquire enough land east of the UC any more, way too valuable, and I'm not sure what point it would serve to move the Sox from Bridgeport, a relatively unpopular neighborhood with a seedy reputation and move them west of the UC.

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