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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
It's also a mistake to assume he's just going to "figure it out" and not continue to have the poor strike zone judgement/plate discipline/hacking swings after 711 big league at-bats.

That's 289 at-bats short of the much-quoted 1000 at-bats when you can assume you see what you get.

Not to mention a contract showdown coming with Boras within the next 1-3 offseasons.

Next year should certainly be telling.
True, but in general, this board is so eager to throw up its hands and give up on young players at the first sign of struggle, while at the same time complaining that the Sox never develop any young talent.

Your last statement is 100 percent correct. You can only learn to hit MLB pitching by facing MLB pitching. We'll see if Viciedo learned anything this year. Obviously, it would be nice to see him take a step forward in 2013, but there are no guarantees one way or the other.

At some point, the Sox do need to either develop or acquire some middle-of-the-order hitters, since the 2-6 spots in the lineup were all populated by the 30-and-over crowd this year.

One thing this season should have taught us all is we can no longer count on Paul Konerko to be the centerpiece of the offense. Paul has been so solid for us over the years, but he's going to be 37 next Opening Day and Father Time eventually catches up. Lots of injuries for Konerko this year and it obviously killed his production the second half.
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