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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
Um, have they seen the neighborhood surrounding Comerica Park?! Pot, meet kettle. I went up there for a Sox/Tigers game in July 2006 and felt like I was in the ghetto the whole time - buildings with blown out windows, abandoned cars, etc. There was a nice Holiday Inn a few blocks from the part, which is where we stayed, and a Cheli's Chili steps from the ballpark, but that's about it.

It's ironic, yes. Downtown Detroit is an interesting place. For every block that makes progress, there's a building next door that is abandoned and falling apart. The stadiums have certainly done a lot to help that immediate area (which I think was basically a giant burned out chunk on abandoned nothingness 15 years ago), but there's still a long ways to go before there's a full continuous nice downtown there.

I suppose if you drove in from the suburbs and parked within a few blocks to the south of the stadium, you might see only the decent area by the Detroit Athletic Club, the opera house, the Fox theatre strip, and the two stadiums, and that area does appear to be quite cool. But that's a very small area, probably only about the size of the parking immediately between 35th and 37th street at the Cell. Venturing immediately north across the highway or west past Fox Theatre, and you're suddenly in a different world.