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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
Neither can I! As much I hate the Yankees, my hatred for the Tigers has won out this postseason.
It's especially gotten bad for me living in the middle of Tigers country for most of my life. Growing up, my friends paid no attention to the Tigers other than in a nostalgic way. They liked old Tiger stadium, Ernie Harwell, talking about the '84 world series which they learned about from their dads, but nobody really was into following the team itself (or baseball at all for that matter) because they were awful for pretty much the entire time I was growing up.

That all changed in 2006 when tons of fans popped up all over, and at first it was neat because many of my friends were finally interested in baseball and actually wanted to get together to watch games. But now with the Sox-Tigers rivalry getting more heated and with the Tigers getting the better of it recently, it's not as much fun because people get nasty and rub it in and gloat constantly about the Tigers. The Tigers' success somehow gives them confidence to start spouting off about things about the "bad" neighborhood around the Cell and the moron who attacked the first base coach and how the stadium sucks so much that you'd think they were Cub fans. And they all love Rod Allen to death which makes it even worse.

The one thing that's fascinating about Tigers fans is that they almost universally seem hate Jim Leyland (and actually have for quite a while), and if you try to discuss why in a rational manner and maybe even hint at the possibility that he's a decent manager, they'll think you're nuts (which they already think of me anyway since I'm a Sox fan).