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The Yankees really have not obstructed my White Sox during their quests for championships in the time of my fandom (1982-present). The Sox have never played in the same division as the Yankees, and they've never met the Yankees in the playoffs. I just don't have the same level of Yankee-hate as someone like my father, who lived through all those years where the Sox failed to make the World Series directly because of the Yankees.

My sports grudges are very long lasting, and include the Orioles (1983), the A's (1990-1992), the Bluejays (1993), the Indians (late '90's), the Twins (2000's), the Tigers (2006, present), and the cubs (entirety of my fandom). For some reason, the Rays (2008) escaped.

It's not limited to baseball. I hate the 49ers and Redskins for what they did to the Bears in the '80's.

I want the Yanks to beat Detroit. I also want the NL winner to beat the AL winner.

I have to admit that while I am getting pretty tired and jealous of the St. Louis Cardinals, the absolute misery porn on cub websites has been quite entertaining!
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