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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Power numbers between Lee and Tank at age 23 are comparable. Carlos was a more refined hitter at his age though. Caballo hit for a higher average and far less Ks than Tank. However, Tank is still a very raw talent and it is a mistake to think one season tells the whole story on him. Maybe what we saw in 2012 is the type of hitter he will always be. However, I point to the adjustment Tigers CF Austin Jackson made from 2011 to 2012 to show how a young player can make adjustments and improve quickly at the big league level.

Carlos Lee 1999 Season (Age 23)
.293 Avg
16 HRs
84 RBIs
144 Hits
32 Doubles
72 Ks
13 BBs

Dayan Viciedo 2012 Season (Age 23)
.255 Avg
25 HRs
78 RBIs
129 Hits
18 Doubles
120 Ks
28 BB
I'm on the side that says Viciedo should improve with age, but he will need to learn the strike zone and cut down on that swing. Just hope that TCM isn't giving him any hitting tips. I also thought he did a fine job in LF, butchered a couple of plays but he sure beats Juan Pierre, can't forget that the Sox have moved him around like a ping pong ball from 3B to RF and now LF.
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