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Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie View Post
That's a shame.

Hey, I certainly can't tell you all to root for, since our boys aren't there, and I certainly get the Tiger hatred. It's just that - division rivals come and go. Over the past 12 years or so, our division rival has been either the Indians, the Twins, or the Tigers. (And the Royals have beaten our boys' brains out over a few of these regimes, but I digress...)
Does anyone give a rat's ass about the Indians or the Twins any more? Certainly not I.
Hatred of the Yankees, though - since before the debut of three divisions, since before of the debut of two divisions, since as long as I remember paying attention to baseball - the Yankees have been a thorn in my side SO MANY TIMES.

SO that's why I plug my nose and root for the Tigers.

I still hate the Twins and Indians. I still hate the Royals and A's from the 1970s. Right now I very much hate the Tigers more. I don't think there has ever been a moment in my life as a baseball fan that I didn't hate the Yankees. I take joy in watching the Yankees lose, but that is canceled out by watching the Tigers win.

I would like to see both the Tigers and the Yankees lose this series. Sadly, that isn't going to happen, but I don't have to root for anyone. Someone will go on to play either the Giants or Cardinals, who have won the last two World Series. I think both are clearly better teams than the Tigers and Yankees, even if the Cardinals weren't the best team in their division, and I hope either the Tigers or the Yankees are made to look very bad in losing the World Series.