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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
I saw an Atlanta sports writer comment on this on twitter, and almost lost my stuff. The gist of it was "Oh look, the Yankees didn't sell out a playoff game. I never want to hear someone rip on Atlanta fans again."

WHAT? yea, you're right. ATL fans can't sell out ANY playoff game(not to mention being the worst sports city in america), but that's the same as the Yankees out pricing their fans this year.
I lived in Georgia briefly in the 80's and going on 10 years now in South Carolina. College sports are king in the south. Especially football, although basketball is big time in North Carolina and Kentucky. This is true even in the major metropolitan areas. It's not going to change any time soon. Us old timers who grew up in the north had our favorite pro teams to root for. Professional sports came later in the south.