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Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie View Post
Does anyone give a rat's ass about the Indians or the Twins any more? Certainly not I.
Hatred of the Yankees, though - since before the debut of three divisions, since before of the debut of two divisions, since as long as I remember paying attention to baseball - the Yankees have been a thorn in my side SO MANY TIMES.

SO that's why I plug my nose and root for the Tigers.

There's no sympathy here for the Yankees. Yes, they were the victims of a blown call last night and I'm right there with Girardi in calling it out. But I'm like so many other Sox fans -- hell, like so many other American League fans -- who have been led to believe we should step off the sidewalk when the Yankees are approaching. If they lose out this series, even to the Tigers, some measure of cosmic justice will have been done.

Our collective distaste is nothing new, of course. This YouTube clip is Jean Shepherd talking about how much he and his Old Man, both White Sox fans, hated the Yankees in the 1930s. It's long, but lays out the generations-long case for partisans like us.

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