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Originally Posted by SOXSINCE'70 View Post
I am now afraid it's 4 and out for the Yanks.
That's a shame.

Hey, I certainly can't tell you all to root for, since our boys aren't there, and I certainly get the Tiger hatred. It's just that - division rivals come and go. Over the past 12 years or so, our division rival has been either the Indians, the Twins, or the Tigers. (And the Royals have beaten our boys' brains out over a few of these regimes, but I digress...)
Does anyone give a rat's ass about the Indians or the Twins any more? Certainly not I.
Hatred of the Yankees, though - since before the debut of three divisions, since before of the debut of two divisions, since as long as I remember paying attention to baseball - the Yankees have been a thorn in my side SO MANY TIMES.

SO that's why I plug my nose and root for the Tigers.

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