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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Frustrating as hell to watch this as a Sox fan. It may be presumptuous to think the Sox could have taken the A's in five (I think they had the A's number), but god do the Yankees look beatable right now. What an easy path to the World Series that was completely flushed down the toilet.
Originally Posted by central44 View Post
I felt that way going into the postseason, and nothing i've seen has changed my perception one bit. If the Sox got in, they could have made a deep run--which makes the collapse even tougher to swallow.
Absolutely. I couldn't agree with either of you guys more.

It's been two weeks since I stood by my seat in right field after the game and cried because I'd come to the realization that the Sox weren't going to win the division. I thought that the hurt would go away by now, but it hasn't. Instead, it has gotten progressively worse with each Detroit victory. Damn it! We could've totally beaten the A's and with the Yankees not swinging the bats and having lost Jeter to injury, they're looking more beatable by the day.

But then I take a step back and remind myself that both Sale and Quintana were outta gas by mid-September, so we wouldn't have had enough starting pitching. However, had the Sox managed to pull away from the Tigers a little bit at some point during those last few weeks of the season, they could've rested Sale and Quintana 'til the postseason and looked to dudes like Axelrod and Santiago to make spot starts.

Sigh! I just can't stop thinking about what could and should have been.
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