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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
No, I just pointed out that Floyd's record has been unfairly deflated by the team around him. The bullpen has blown more wins for him than the offense has come back to win and he's lost 2x as many games when he threw a quality start than games the Sox won when he did not. He's a .500ish pitcher more likely because the Sox are a .500ish team, not the other way around.
I think stats are vastly overrated except one. Wins and losses. All that matters is did you win or not. Don't cry me a sob story on lack of run support or pitching against. It's all about team. You can have the best WHIP, ERA, etc, but if team isn't winning really who cares?
What did the TEAM do when you started a game:
Sale: 18-11
Floyd: 16-13
Quintana: 12-10
League average: .504
Humber: 8-8
Peavy: 15-17

As for position players, what a choke job after ASB when we fell in love with the home run and started uppercut swinging. How do the playoffs look from home? Outside of the best hitter in baseball, how are all those home run hitters doing in MLB. Just be consistent and hit the ball.
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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