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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
I think 4 years or 120 starts is a decent sampling. Every starting pitcher is affected by the team around them. Pitchers on good offensive teams certainly have an advantage over those on weak teams. Those on teams with strong bullpens also have an advantage. But we are judging Gavin Floyd on the White Sox. He is 45-48 the last 4 years and his ERA has risen from his only good year at 3.84 to the 4.30 he has been the last 2 years. Chris Sale had the same offense and bullpen behind him as Floyd did this year and he put up huge numbers. I agree some guys, like Peavy this year, have good years and a lousy record. But 4 years takes out some of the numeric oddities.

If I was a betting person, Gavin Floyd will be a .500 pitcher next year as well if he stays on the White Sox.
No, I just pointed out that Floyd's record has been unfairly deflated by the team around him. The bullpen has blown more wins for him than the offense has come back to win and he's lost 2x as many games when he threw a quality start than games the Sox won when he did not. He's a .500ish pitcher more likely because the Sox are a .500ish team, not the other way around.

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