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Default Fallflat beer

Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I don't know if i'm wrong but I remember Harry Carey really slurring his words by the 7th inning when I listened to him as a kid in the 80's. I kinda wish Steve Stone would write a tell all book on his experiances with Harry Carey and Ken Harrelson. I guarantee I would buy the book.
Mid - 70's, Harry had a broadcast sidekick JC Martin. Sometimes it seemed Harry would intentionally drink JC under the table. Once, an extra inning game finished and JC was to do the on-field after game interview. Harry kept saying "OK, we'll go now to JC Martin for the post game interview..." but JC never made it to the field that night. They showed the player standing there waiting, but no JC Martin, so they just bagged it that nite. Yeah I remember hearing Harry crack one open and pour full a glass of beer, or holding up a bottle that was open.

Also remember the Falstaff commercials with Gabe and Walker? They was
my dad's favorite.
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