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Originally Posted by ohiosoxfan View Post
have to disagree with a few. . .
Crain - should be lower- not as dependable as his salary dicates

Peavy - is paid like an ace (see Verlander) pitched well but not ace-like

Sale - don't know how he doesn't merit an A

Paulie- C is too critical, yes, he struggled down the stretch, but I think injury prevented him from being as effective as he might have been. . . B or B-

Beckham saved a lot of runs with his defense, especially with DP's. Granted, his offense isn't where we liked or expected, have you looked at AL secondbaseman???? should be at least a C overall. .

That's my two cents worth. . .
1) Salary shouldn't factor in when grading performance. You either do well or you don't. So I disagree with you on Crain and Peavy.

2) Sale gets a lower grade because of a poor September. Can't blame him for running out of gas, but those games still count.

3) If by "down the stretch", you mean "half of the season", then I agree wholeheartedly on Konerko. If you're too hurt to produce, you're too hurt to play, and Konerko wouldn't acquiesce on that. He was a burden on the lineup for a long time, and he deserves blame for that.

4) Beckham was terrible at the plate, and very good on defense. I might have given him a C-, but that's really nitpicking when you're talking about a C- or D+.
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