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I don't get this rebuild stuff. This year was supposed to a bit of a rebuild, and quite frankly, we've seen about 8 or so young pitchers establish themselves as legitimate major league pitchers. That seems like success to me. I like the OF we've got, I like our DP combo, and I like Flowers behind the plate. He does a good job behind the plate and he showed the more regular at bats he gets, the more dangerous he becomes. Viciedo has just scratched the surface IMO, in the next couple years I see him establishing himself as legitimate middle order hitter. The rotation for next year has some excellent young parts in Sale, Quintana and Santiago. We should be thrilled to have those guys emerge like they did this year! When have three young guys emerged like this in one year? Floyd does the job as a bottom of the rotation innings eater, not great but not the worst as long we've got another option to bump him to the 5th spot. So it seems the question is Konerko, Dunn, and 3b. Those bats all died down the stretch, but let's face it, Konerko is getting old and the wrist problems keep reemerging, Youk is getting old, and Dunn, while dangerous, is really not that good of a hitter. Doesn't mean we need a complete rebuild, just a couple moves and a shot in the arm. If the Sox can work something out with Peavy, I'd have no problem going with the arms we have right now. Just get a couple of bats, say goodbye to Youk and work it out so Konerko can play about 120 games a year to keep him fresh. I'd like to see the Sox move Dunn and replace him with a more consistent hitter, and pick up another left handed bat for the bench worthy of about 40 or 50 starts at 1b as well as play some other positions. Who those guys might be, I don't know, but I think this team just needs a couple good moves.
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