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Originally Posted by WLL1855 View Post
First question (and I say this with a straight face): Does anyone really expect us to contend for the division next year?

If yes, then go for broke. Sign Hamilton. Go get a starting catcher not named Flowers. Get a starting third-baseman not named Morel. Go get Greinke or Marcum or Dempster or whoever to round out the rotation. (Note: I'm not in any way endorsing this course of action.)

If no, gut the team. Do it and get it over with. Everything must go. Begin the PR war early and blame everything on the fan base not supporting the team.

I'd say you definitely go with option one. Actually they should have started at and after the trade dead line this year. Overpaying or taking on some bad contracts was the way to go to get the needed resources, to get in the playoffs. Now since that opportunity has passed, next year they should go balls out. Detroit should be tougher and the north side team should still be in disarray. Opportunities to build a fan base will be more difficult when the other Chicago team starts to progress. The time is now.
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