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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
I just don't think that you can resign Youk and say with a straight face that we have 3B covered. He wore down. You can sign him as 3B, 1B, DH rotation, but we have 2 of those types already in Dunn and Konerko.

As for people wanting to dump De Aza - he gave us a .349 OBP and .750 OPS out of the leadoff spot. Compare that to Podsednik's .700 OPS in 2005. Who are we going to leadoff with? Wise and his .295 OBP in 2012, when he played "excellent" (and certainly a career year for him). Excellent maybe to Ozzie (he called his .301 spring OBP "Tremendous" so I suppose .295 would be excellent).

2005 Podsednik - .290 AVG, .351 OBP, 59 steals

De Aza - .281 AVG, .349 OBP, 26 steals: and he was a much less effective hitter and baserunner after the all-star break.

Just because of those 9 homers inflating his OPS, you'll never convince me that De Aza is a better leadoff hitter than Pods was.

Not saying I want to dump DeAza in the least, but he's an above average leadoff hitter, and IMO would be a better option in the #2 spot had we a prototypical leadoff guy and a top stolen base threat.
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