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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post

One of two things happened over the weekend. Either...

a.) Stone Poney's agent got word back from the D-Backs that they're not interested, or...

b.) Reinsdorf sat down with Stone and told him to get his crap together because he's not letting him out of the contract.

I lean towards choice b.

All that said, I listened to the Cardinals broadcast a bit on the radio yesterday on my way home. I never realized how bad Mike Shannon is. He makes all of the Sox broadcasters sound competent, and that's quite the feat.
Yea, i was thinking the same exact thing .. with the way that Stone signed off for the season, it sure sounded like he was at least lighting the match to burn his bridges .. also, i doubt that JR has any patience at this time,for broadcasters whining about their problems in the booth .. i'm wondering if the words, 'You guys will cease fire and do your ****ing job" might have been used .. i said a few days ago in here that i think Hawk and Stone need couples counseling .. i was joking at the time, but it wouldn't hurt if they could be forced to go .. as for the radio side of things, i listen to both the tv and radio broadcast of almost every game and i'm quite possibly the only one here that enjoys Farmer and DJ ..
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