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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
My kneejerk expectations for the offseason:

1. Peavy,Myers,Youk,Liriano,AJ are all gone, mostly to greener pastures.

2. Sox will pick up Floyd's option,and go with a rotation of Danks,Floyd,Sale,Quintana,Santiago/Axelrod/Castro

3. Kenny will pick up a marginal 3rd baseman to compete with Morel.

4. Thornton probably is traded. Crain is retained.

5. DWise,O-Hudson...gone

6. Dan Johnson might be retained.

A little tweaking around the edges,and that is about it,gang.
I would not be too upset with this scenario,as our young players might improve,and we could be back in the hunt again.
i think the Sox will sign AJ and Myers. Peavy, after taking all that money for nothing from the Sox, will cash his newfound health in to another team. Youk , the impression I get, thinks he is more valuable at this point in his career than he is in reality. I liked Morel when he was healthy. If Morel is healthy, I would rather let him play third. Thornton will stay and Dwise will stay I hope. Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing these guys wilt at the end that a blowup of the roster might not be so bad at this point , even if they stink for awhile.
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