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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Hm, except that yes, they do. Hard to argue the wild card doesn't count for anything when the defending World Champion of Base Ball was a wild card winner.
And the Marlins have two more World Series championships although they have never finished first. The problem is that the wild card isn't a goal so much as a concession. In recent years, teams were willing to play for the wild card without going all out for the division championship because the seeding advantage wasn't an advantage worth going all out for. The Tigers lost their last five games to fall out of first and still made it to the World Series, erasing memoris of their epic collapse.

Does any team set out to defend their wild card title? The only reason baseball has a wild card is that it has two major leagues with three divisions each. You need another team in each league to have two playoff rounds. The only penalty for a team that collapses at the end of the season shouldn't be a bad seed, especially with seeding based on wins and losses having so little meaning in major league baseball.

I think setting up a play-in game for the two best teams that didn't win anything is a better way to run a wild card. The baseball season means something. If you are going to have a wild card, don't let the team coast into the postseaon as the Braves and Rangers seemed to be doing. The wild card has been around so long that younger fans have lost perspective.
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