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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post

One of two things happened over the weekend. Either...

a.) Stone Poney's agent got word back from the D-Backs that they're not interested, or...

b.) Reinsdorf sat down with Stone and told him to get his crap together because he's not letting him out of the contract.

I lean towards choice b.
I was going to say you're wrong, but B. is a possibility since he once did it to Rooney. But Stone has an option Rooney didn't: Sit out, because he doesn't need the money. If B. is correct, then it takes A. out of play because JR didn't let Rooney move, once upon a time. It's all in an old thread on this site.

Hey, if he could get Ozzie and Kenny to work together (note that I didn't say successfully) when they were at each other's throats, this is a walk in the park. He likely did it tactfully rather than read the riot act. I suspect he has a clue about how to run a business.
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