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There are apparently other reports one of which was quoted by the reporter in the NPR story on the Sox attendance issues and has been printed in the newspapers that the Sox have the 4th highest ticket proices on average in the major leagues behind the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs. The same reporter also said in the story it costs over 200 dollars for a family of four to go to a Sox game. What that entails specifically he didn't say and he didn't say where he got his figure from.

Who is right, I have no idea.

What I do know is that fan upon fan from various sites like WSI, sports talk radio and blog postings continue to mention high ticket prices and the dynamic pricing concept as two of the main reasons why they don't go to as many games as they used to.

I wish the Sox would clarify the matter once and for all and if in fact, the prices aren't as high as perceived, do a PR blitz to educate the fan base on that. Perception becomes reality many times and that appears to be the case in this matter at least partially.

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