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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I heard Stone's interview on M & H.

He made it clear that he is returning,as is Hawk.
He also admitted that the broadcasts are ever-evolving and improvement is always a priority.
He made it clear that he feels that Hawk and him have to work better together,but sounded like he was confident that it can be done.

He knows that the last couple of weeks of telecasts were horrible,and I am sure that he feels it was mainly Hawk's fault. He is correct.

Hawk needs to have a come to Jesus moment with the Chairman and Stone. It is a two way street,tho,and Stone is far from blameless in this issue.

I am surprised that the duo will return intact,but it is far less important than the performance on the field...just win,Sox,and the rest is window dressing.
Hawk hasn't improved in YEARS. In fact, he has done the opposite in the last few years. he has no desire, in my opinion, to improve the broadcast. He goes in and does the same tired shtick as he always does. I think that is why Stone is so pissed! Hawk does not try and he is certainly not a professional.

Hawk sucks balls. Stone knows it. No one but JR can do anything about it.
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