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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
On the other hand, you seem like someone who wouldn't like the concept of divisions anyway--shouldn't the top four/five teams, regardless of division, make it to the postseason? Obviously, a truly balanced schedule would have to come about to make that fair.
No. The baseball season is about the races to finish first. If you can't finish first, you don't belong in the postseason. You have only three divisions in each league, so you have to have a wild card, and I prefer the wild card play-in to a team that can coast into the postseason despite not contending for the division title.

And I like the idea that a team that blew a 5-game lead with 9 to play didn't just go into the postseason as a wild card. I thought it was great that the Rangers collapse was followed by a do-or-die game to qualify for the postseason.

If you don't have divisions, you have no reason to have a divisional series or a championship series to determine who will go to the World Series. You already have a league champion.
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