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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I do. Keep the rotation intact despite guys getting injured.

Seems that every other starter's spot got jerked around often to save innings off Peavy and Sale's arms. Had the other guys stayed on track, maybe we wouldn't have had so many 5 inning outings in September.

Also the bullpen was managed beyond poorly, though there's truth behind that it could have been due to so many rookies, Crane's injury and lack of performance at times by Thornton and Myers.

No real bullpen roles, except Veal's maddening one-hitter outings, putting closers in non-save situations, putting in different guys in the 7th, 8th and 9th inning pretty much every other game, and the rapid-fire pitching changes specifically in September killed any chance of these guys to get into a rhythm.

I hope next year there's a system in place and not our pitchers getting swapped around at (mostly Cooper's) whim.
There were times I disagreed with pitching moves Ventura made, but the pitching failures were moves that I agreed with as often as moves I disagreed with. I watch other teams play baseball, and I disagreed with other managers' moves as often as I disagreed with Ventura's. And fans have no idea, and for competeitive reasons shouldn't have any idea, about what is going on with how pitchers are feeling. Evey starter for Oakland this season was jerked around in the rotation, except for the one that was suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Fans can disagree with moves that go wrong. Sometimes it's second-guessing. Sometimes the results fulffill the fears. Complain that Ventura made the "wrong" move, but even the "right" move failed, maybe as much as the "right" move. You really don't know how things would have gone if Reed had started the ninth inning in the last game in Boston. Complain that Myers should have stayed in another inning, but that didn't work in the game against Tampa Bay that the Sox needed to win to stay in the race the last weekend of the season.
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