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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
The media will tell us that Don Cooper is a highly rated pitching coach. But I struggle to list what pitchers have developed under Cooper to the point where they are considered top major league pitchers. I do think Cooper gets some credit for Buehrle's development even though he had a great year before Cooper became the pitching coach. But certainly Jenks, Floyd and Thornton are not top pitchers. I can't think of any pitchers that Coop developed that was traded or signed elsewhere. Gio obviously developed after he left. There must be some top pitcher that came up and developed under Coop but I can't think of one
Who cares what a pitcher does once he leaves the organization? What matters is what happens with that pitcher while he's here and working with Cooper. For whatever reason Cooper seems to be able to get the most out of guys when they are here. Why are you basing the success of Cooper on whether a pitcher is considered a top pitcher? It's not his job to make every pitcher the best in the game, it's his job to maximize that pitcher's talent/ability to help the team. In my opinion, Cooper has done that more often than not.
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