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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
It's just one of those things. If there is a reason its we just we have not had the players. How many Cy Young pitchers have we had? Any Triple Crown threats? Any Hall of Famers? Maybe PK. ( Thomas is going to the HOF but was not around for most of the years in question) How many 5 tools players in that time, Rios and who else?
If we had the same players all the time that Lip has mentioned then I say we have a bunch of losers, thats not the case, just a bunch of players that were decent but not just good enough.
It comes down to JR running a big market team like a small market team.

Been my contention for years. Always hear about going out to get top level talent, but end up with meets requirements. Sure, maybe 1 or 2 Marquee players to spin the turnstyles to buy churros and dogs, but no big dogs that bring home silverware.

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