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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post
I'm not going to put forth the effort of looking it up, but if that was one of the biggest chokes in franchise history, the franchise hasn't had too many big chokes.
Yes, seriously. It wasn't like we had talent from top to bottom and we were expected to plow through the playoffs.

The White Sox were a border line team who did an amazing job of staying on top for the majority of the year.

I look at it more as sputtering out than choking. They just didn't have enough at the end. It hurts that they lost it so close, but it's a very long season.

Ventura obviously made some questionable moves, and a few of his moves might have even cost us a game or two, but every team/manager has these. For the last couple weeks, Ventura and the players on this team were throwing everything they had out there to try to pull it out and I appreciate that. It looked like the team was taped together, and trying to limp across the finish the line. Unfortunately, Detroit had more in their tank and passed us up.

This team had one starter who consistently won games. Sale (who was noticeably fatigued at the end of year) was basically the difference between a .500 team and a playoff contender. When that is the reality, I have a hard time using the word "choke" to describe what happened.
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