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I think much of 2012 success compared to 2011 disappointment is thanks to the manager change. Somehow RV took the 2011 roster (minus Buerhle and John Danks!) and rode it almost to the playoffs. This was pretty unexpected and generally the Sox played over their heads (especially vs twins and indians) . Now come back next year with better players, same manager and the White Sox will kick axe. Mainly just get someone at 3rd who can hit and catch, see if you can move ADunn somehow, and hope the pitching stays healthy with return of Danks. And stop running out Sale for multiple 119 or so pitch games, no matter how tempting at the time. I expect big things from 2013 White Sox and if so may have to move back to the south side (55th Honore native) and start enjoying the club in person.
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