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Originally Posted by Thome25 View Post
Using Wrigley Field as an example of what is and isn't a neighborhood ballpark is a HORRIBLE one.

Wrigley Field wasn't "intertwined" with it's neighborhood until the last 25-30 years or so.

Chicken before the egg my friend. Before it became the Tribune conglomerate cash cow (and everything subsequently started growing and popping up around it) It was just another building in the neighborhood just like The Cell is now.

Having a theme-park type atmosphere around the park (and subsequently making it the epicenter of the area) is not a prerequisite for a true neighborhood ballpark.

Bottom line is, US Cellular Field is in the Armour Square Neighborhood and is by default a "neighborhood ballpark".

The only thing (other than someone's opinion) that can change that is if someone magically scooped up The Cell and placed it somewhere other than a neighborhood.

And before someone else implies that The Cell is sealed off from it's neighborhood as if it had the Berlin Wall around it, there's a public park and residential houses approx two blocks (or less) in every direction around it.
I think we are arguing differing ideas here. Yes, US Cellular is physically located in the Armour Square Community Area of Chicago and is by default a ballpark in a neighborhood. But is the Loop a neighborhood? Or River North? or the West Loop? By your definition even a downtown park would be a neighborhood ballpark because it is technically in a neighborhood. All I'm saying is that there is more to it than that. Perhaps i'm being overly idealistic and romanticizing times past. But to me as a Bridgeport resident, US Cellular hardly feels like a part of the neighborhood (Bridgeport or Armour Square) because of the distinct physical separation from the neighborhoods in its proximity, despite it being mere blocks from a public park and residential blocks to the north.

[And yes Wrigley is a HORRIBLE example and I very aware of the Tribune Co's conglomerate cash cow and how for 30 years it propagandized a fan base into swarming a 'historic' ballpark not even built for the team that resides there to watch rather mediocre (at best) to rather pathetic 'Major' league baseball...]
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