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Originally Posted by 16th&State View Post
And just because US Cellular isn't located in a suburban green field or in former empty lot downtown doesn't make it a neighborhood ballpark either. Yes, US Cellular is physically located in a neighborhood. But is it connected with or intertwined within said neighborhood? Not exactly. Not at all really. There is literally nothing but parking lots, train tracks, and expressways in a 2 block radius. Nothing brings people to 35th & Shields when games aren't being played. It might as well be a brownfield on off-days. And I say that as a diehard who moved to Bridgeport so I could live in the same 'neighborhood' that the Sox play. US Cellular is is hardly the epicenter of Bridgeport/Armour Square the way Wrigley is for Wrigleyville. So calling it a neighborhood ballpark is a bit idealistic and hardly grounded in any sort of true meaning of what Neighborhood ballparks were. Yes I am merely opining, but sadly neighborhood ballparks are a thing of the past. And as much as I love my Sox and what the US Cellular rehab brought Sox fans, the Cell is still NOT a neighborhood ballpark and is sadly just a ballpark located in a neighborhood outside of downtown…
Using Wrigley Field as an example of what is and isn't a neighborhood ballpark is a HORRIBLE one.

Wrigley Field wasn't "intertwined" with it's neighborhood until the last 25-30 years or so.

Chicken before the egg my friend. Before it became the Tribune conglomerate cash cow (and everything subsequently started growing and popping up around it) It was just another building in the neighborhood just like The Cell is now.

Having a theme-park type atmosphere around the park (and subsequently making it the epicenter of the area) is not a prerequisite for a true neighborhood ballpark.

Bottom line is, US Cellular Field is in the Armour Square Neighborhood and is by default a "neighborhood ballpark".

The only thing (other than someone's opinion) that can change that is if someone magically scooped up The Cell and placed it somewhere other than a neighborhood.

And before someone else implies that The Cell is sealed off from it's neighborhood as if it had the Berlin Wall around it, there's a public park and residential houses approx two blocks (or less) in every direction around it.

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