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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Opportunities for relapse are everywhere. He needs to go somewhere low key, but not in the Bible Belt, where a sizable chunk of fans expect him to ostentatiously display his faith.
He doesn't display his faith because that's what fans expect of him, he does it because that's who he is. I don't think there was an outcry from the fans for Emmett Smith, Troy Aikman, Dirk or anyone else to become more religious if they weren't already. Josh wears his faith on his sleeve because he believes it saved his life and helped him to recover to the point he has. I don't think he has any more pressure to live up to his faith and/or stay clean in Arlington than he would anywhere else because the pressure is all self induced and he knows that he lived under a microscope.

Frankly, people expect him to fail at some point and lots of people even hope for him to fail. For that reason and others, people would care if he had a drink. People know him. Anything he does in public is going to be caught on cellphone cameras. Any drink he has or any line he does is going to end up on Deadspin within a few days and it will be a national story. New York and Boston might be worse than other markets, but there isn't really any good market for him. Kyle Orton drunk or Joakim Noah in a bong shop might elicit a few chuckles from fans, but then it will be forgotten. Not so with Hamilton due to his history.
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