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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I'd like to think that a neighborhood is more than just a grid of lots that spread aprox. 4-5 square blocks.

Sure the long train underpass, Armour Square Park and the Ryan give the Cell a natural barrier from the surrounding neighborhood, but I've had a blast going to Bridgeport after the games, and I've also had fun at the bars north of the Cell and Armour Square Park.

The issue is more that fans either don't know that there's something past those barriers, or fear due to the old ridiculous stereotypes.

I am convinced that it is going to take decades to overcome the misperceptions and biases....shame.
I do think if the economy had not had the historically bad flameout in 2008, it could have been further along by now.

I do think in hindsight,that a south loop park could have weathered the recession better,and had a better base of corporate clients with the proximaty to downtown... even stealing some away from the Cubs.
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