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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Every team can stomach having one or maybe two guys grossly overpaid, but look at that list above. Brutal.

Who is grossly overpaid,based on 2012 performance,outside of the injured Danks?

Rios is probably underpaid,as the best all around rightfielder in the league this year.
Dunn at DH? Probably the most productive DH in the league,by far.

PK? ....maybe, but his first two months before injury carried the team...and he still hit .300,despite concussion,wrist injury,back injury ect.

I think when a team is in first place for 117 days, and finish 3 games back,they had to have performances that are worth good salaries.
The Tigers had a payroll that was probably 40 million higher for 3 more wins....did they get value?
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