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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
There's no future with this organization. The other side of town made clear their plans, and while I would never spend a lot of money to go see a game if I was a fan, at least there's hope in the future for them. I can respect that and I would be willing to go see a couple games a year because they seem to be moving in the right direction. They appear to be making the right moves. But I'm not a Cubs fan. What are the Sox doing to instill any type of hope in this fanbase? What do we as fans have to look forward to next year and beyond? There's really nothing. The farm system is one of the worst in all of baseball. The current roster is full of veterans who are old and slow and a bunch won't be here next year. Management tells the fanbase through the press that they can't do things if fans don't come to the games, but charge the 4th highest avg ticket price to watch this team in person. The entire organization is a joke right now. There is no direction. There is no hope. IMO, those 2 factors are the main reasons fans are staying away.
From the moment JR and team took over in the early 80s, the White Sox have been crawling out of a PR hole. Sportsvision, Harry Carey, "Chicago's American League Team", threatening to move to Florida, etc.

Add the fact that the majority of the SOX fan base has moved out of the south side of Chicago and into the suburbs, the ownership had a publically paid for and immediately outdated ballpark built across the street. Attendance spiked out of curiousity for a few years but after Camden Yards and the other retro/attractive ballparks were built, Comiskey II was already considered outdated and sterile. The US Celluar naming rights/funding has improved the ballpark, however it has not improved the location. I did not support the idea of the SOX moving to Addison, however I do wish in hindsight, they would have moved into downtown Chicago either on the south or west side of the loop. Chicago has a beautiful skyline that is on display at every Bears game and it's a shame the SOX could not take advantage of that marketing tool. Heck, they didn't even point the new ballpark in the right direction and are stuck in no man's land in between downtown Chicago and the near suburbs.

The NBA marketing atmosphere that Brooks Broyer brought to the team has grown old and the SOX are in desperate need of a some new ideas and blood. Although Ventura is a company man, I'm hoping with the changes in the front office taking effect this off-season, we can expect some more positive changes mad up and down, throughout the organization.

The Cubs will always have Wrigley Field, no matter how old or smelly it is, as their marketing ticket. As long as the neighborhood stays trendy and attracts affluent tourists and fans, it doesn't matter if the Cubs win as demonstrated again in 2012 when 3 million plus "fans" watched the second worst team in MLB and the 3rd worst Cubs team in the history of their franchise. The SOX need more than a winning record to attract more fans. The core fan base is always there, however the casual SOX fan is fickle and will not spend $$$ on a team that continues to disappoint and the casual tourist fan is basically non-existent on the south side.

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