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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
As has been pointed out multiple times, looking at one team in a vacuum doesn't tell us much.

Here you go: "The Sox drew 1.9 million customers this season. That's horrible!"

How would I have any appreciation for whether 1.9 million is a godo or bad or average number unless I knew what all the other teams drew?

That was a very basic example, but this is similar.

Another would be Lip's continued "The Sox are hitting XXX with RISP!" all season, but as it turned out, they were at or above the league average. Knowing what they hit with RISP without looking at what all the other teams do for context is just not very informative. It may *sound* like a bad number, but is it?
OK, it's been a long day and you know how grumpy an OF can get when he's tired so bear with me. Yes in order to more fully understand a problem you need to look at it in total or as close as you can get. True data was provided for only the Sox and ignoring all the other 29 teams. However sports is kind of a zero sum thing isn't it? Somebody wins, somebody loses. If your team tends to be ****ty in the second half over a fairly long period of time, it's probable that not that many more teams are having the same problem. It would be interesting if one had the time to crunch the first half/ second half and pre and post all star records of all the teams and see how they stack up. However I'm having the temerity of making a judgment based on the stats provided here (thanks Lip Man 1) to say this confirms that the Sox are having trouble closing the deal in the second half. I will say I wholeheartedly agree with this post you made later in the thread.

Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
What this team really needs on the bench is a Greg Dobbs type - a guy who loses you very little when you might lose a player to injury, and a guy you can rotate in several days a week at corner OF, 3B, 1B, DH.
As you've noted here, and JB previously, lack of quality depth has really hurt the Sox in recent years.
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