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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Being one of those old farts I just never believed that this team was that good, I picked them for 86 wins and second place ( pretty good prediction) and I'm just not that bummed out this year like other years, in fact I can't believe how well I'm taking it. It was fun while it lasted and it would have been great if they played well down the stretch but when you can't beat KC and the team you have to beat you don't deserve to win.
Good call Lil' Nell. I'm happy you're taking this so well. Probably at the stage of " I aint getting flustered unless there is something to get flustered about".. I know.. You've seen this floor show adnausem and the eye was caught, but unless the MP's and SP's show up, I'll turn back to friendly conversation and another .

Agree, Expectations were minimal in the beginning. Hung tough till the wheels came off and the jeep ended up in a ditch a 1/4 mile from
the post. Final analysis is they didnt beat the favorite, nor flotsum to achieve to top spot..

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