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Originally Posted by 16th&State View Post
Awesome post! Thanks for the insight! The minutia of it all was a bit before my time. I knew of the Addison plans but had never seen the skeches/mock-ups. I will take original Comiskey II over anything in Addison for certain. But after reading a few articles this afternoon about South Loop plans, it really is sad that politic and happenstance led to a suburban park dropped into a sea of urban parking lots. Oh what could have been!? I do love what the US Cellular renovations have brought and I happily take in as many Sox games as I can attend!! I look forward to what Kenny & Co can and will do this offseason to put a winner on the field!
The South Loop stadium probably wouldn't have been as awesome as you're imagining it. After all, it was the 1980s.

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